Construction & Heavy Equipment

It’s All Yellow so Who Knows Who Owns It?

Different mixtures of manufactures and types: powered, intermittently powered, no power at all. This makes for a challenging environment to keep track of what’s yours and the ways to keep it yours.

Location Matters

Is that equipment where it is supposed to be or is it still at the last job site? Why did that backhoe leave the lot at one in the morning? You only make money when your equipment is at the right location doing the right work.

Needed Assets

The big iron is expensive but what about all the other items you need on site for the work to progress? Where are the pumps, generators, trailers, water tanks? If you can’t find those items when you need them the job site comes to a halt.

Keeping Equipment Monitored

Valuable equipment in unmonitored locations is a target for misappropriation. Being alerted to unapproved movement can be invaluable. Equipment being transported and making unauthorized detours proves to be costly.


How long on site? How many operating hours? The information you need to manage your equipment utilization. Lots of equipment sitting around idle? Maybe you have more than you need. Always searching for the essential asset to get a job moving? Maybe you don’t have what you need.


Our state-of-the-art devices give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that your assets are safe and secure at any time. With-easy-to use interfaces and advanced technology, you will never have to question the location of your resources.

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We had a piece of equipment stolen. This is what led us to explore GPS tracking services. Your system is affordable, easy to use and gives us the information that we need.

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24/7/365 Monitoring

Worldwide real-time tracking via a web-based user-friendly application, that can be easily implemented and accessed anywhere.

On-Demand Locating

Monitor GPS data from anywhere you are in real-time with speed, location and after-hours alerts delivered instantly via text or email.

World-Wide Coverage

Add users, set business roles and control administration access and permissions from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Near Real-Time Tracking Data

Quickly and easily track your assets while gathering useful information — all from your computer or mobile device.

Small & Portable

Manage all of your assets from around the corner to around the globe with devices small enough to fit in your hand.

Tech Support

Talk to our certified U.S. based tech support team and get real answers and real results for your business.

Dust & Water-Resistant

Ability to withstand extreme weather climates and conditions including dust and water.

Self-Powered Units

Solar-powered devices allow for efficient asset tracking without the need for a power source.