Transportation Safety

Signs, signs, everywhere you look there are signs

Mobile signboards, portable generators, mobile lighting, alerting systems and warning displays. Flexible and quickly adaptable with wheels so that they are easy to relocate and lose.

Location matters

Having assets where they are supposed to be is a matter of safety and revenue. Losing track of where they are and how long they have been there directly impacts your business’ performance.

Presence and duration

Where is that sign? Is that where it should be? Hard to figure out from paper notes or a whiteboard; a whole lot easier with time-on-site reports that show you where all your equipment is and how long it’s been there. Equipment on rental or lease can be managed for the duration on location versus rental/lease allotment.


How long on site? How many operating hours? This is information you need to manage your equipment utilization. If you’re always searching for the essential asset to get a job moving, maybe you don’t have what you need.


Our state-of-the-art devices give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that your assets are safe and secure at any time. With-easy-to use interfaces and advanced technology, you will never have to question the location of your resources.

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We installed CallPass devices on 75 of our trailer mounted units last year and the benefits of knowing where our equipment was in real-time were immediate. The hardware was easy to install and the web interface is simple to use and intuitive.

Ted OttCEO, Colorado Barricade Below


Daily GPS Reports

Create customized reports to maximize productivity. Get daily GPS reports delivered to you at the touch of a button.

Near Real-Time Tracking Data

Quickly and easily track your assets while gathering useful information — all from your computer or mobile device.

Enhance Productivity

Instant access to location information and vital statistics to make your business run smoother.

Versatile & Dependable

Tracking helps companies monitor their assets without power sources, making our solutions as versatile as they are dependable.

Control Costs

Effectively and efficiently track your assets to realize cost savings and improved performance.

Tech Support

Talk to our certified U.S. based tech support team and get real answers and real results for your business.

Custom Reporting

Detailed reporting that’s designed to give you the business intelligence you need right at your fingertips.

Improve Operations

Understand every aspect of your current situation and take a proactive approach to your protection.