Equipment & Rental Tracking

Full-Cycle Rental Equipment Management

LANA™ is a cloud-based solution that provides a powerful tool-set for managing your equipment rental and leasing, from contract to maintenance to recovery.

Where’s My Equipment?

Knowing the location of your equipment is essential to running an efficient rental/leasing operation.

Asset Awareness Reporting

Provides location information of equipment on or off job sites, rental yards, or facilities. Track contract duration, dwell time, and equipment operational status.

Live Tracking Reporting

Provides near-real-time look-ins on where your equipment is located or what direction it’s heading. Utilize Live Tracking™ to manage delivery and receipt of your contracted equipment.

Engine Hours Reporting

Provides cumulative running hours for one or more assets/equipment. Track equipment use from engine or ignition on, off, and the time in between.

Dwell and Demurrage

Lets you know how long your equipment has been on site versus your planned time on site. Manage billable hours above and beyond agreed contracted terms with 100% accuracy based on location dwell time and demurrage accrual.

What’s my equipment doing?

If time is money and money is time, it is paramount to know what your equipment is doing, where it’s doing it, and who is operating it.

Prevent Misuse & Theft

When an asset is not where it’s supposed to be, or someone else has taken it, companies need to have a reliable system to recover their assets. LANA™ provides your recovery solution.

Alert Notifications

Configure your account to send alert notifications when your equipment has gone outside of approved Geozones, has a battery disconnected, or tampering with a battery is detected.

Locate on Demand

With the push of a button, identify where assets are located and make necessary recovery plans.