Trailer & Chassis Tracking

Stay On Schedule

From right-sizing fleets to managing leased assets or just getting a grasp of your trailers/chassis logistics, LANA provides near real-time views, productivity reports, and security to know where your assets are and make sure they get to the next location on schedule.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automated Yard Checks improve trailer and chassis fleet management by providing a clear and accurate look at your yard. Increase utilization and optimize fleet size by empowering dispatch, leasing, and overall operational management.

Asset Awareness

Designate and manage multiple yards, both company and customer-centric. Alert notifications of chassis and trailers arrival, departure, owned or leased status. Monitor schedules and limit or manage dwell time and make critical business decisions daily.

Live Tracking

Pinpoint locations in near-real time and manage delivery and receipt Trailers and chassis. Search, sort or group to view by trailer size, leased or owned, or trailer type. Make critical business decisions in near real time. Manage fleet size and improve yard management.

Cloud-Based Geo’s

Create Geozones, Landmarks, or Cloud-Based Geos utilizing advanced polygon technology.  Manage and monitor trailer and chassis location by designating appropriate boundaries highlighting drop yards, transfer centers, company yards, customer facilities, ports, or any location of note.

Battery Alert Notifications

View in real time the battery status of your tracking device and wired connection to powered trailers or chassis. Monitor trailer or chassis power source battery level and be notified in the event of low or disconnected batteries.

Limit Liability and Minimize Risk

When trailers and chassis are not accounted for, companies need a reliable system to monitor and manage their fleet. In the event someone has taken the trailer or chassis, it is imperative to have a recovery system in place.

Manage Leased Fleets

Manage leased fleets and offer solutions for your customers to grow their business.  Use company level privileges to allow customer insight into their leased fleet at the touch of a button.


Utilize canned and customized reports to manage customer driven data. Provide visibility to your customers leased trailers and chassis by creating hierarchical privileges and customized views, allowing the ability to manage and manipulate data in a format that fits their business.

Device Management

Identify and tag trailers and chassis as leased or off lease. Store relevant trailer and chassis information and the disposition of type, make, and model for ease of managing customer account data.